Cultural Plans from other cities

Many cities in the U.S. have cultural plans, though they vary widely in length, form, and the approach they take when planning for culture. Below, we’ve posted some examples, including, where available, links to get more information.


Create Austin Cultural Master Plan Executive Summary

Create Austin Cultural Master Plan

For more information, you can visit the City of Austin’s website here.

Washington D.C.

Draft Washington D.C. Cultural Plan

For more information, see D.C’s website here.

New York City

Here are two cultural plans for New York City—the government funded CreateNYC Plan, and the ‘People’s Cultural Plan’ a community alternative created by artists and activists.

CreateNYC: A Cultural Plan for all New Yorkers

The People’s Cultural Plan

Read more about the CreateNYC plan here, visit the website of the People’s Cultural Plan here, and read about its background and recommendations here.


Raleigh Arts Plan

Here is the Raleigh Arts Plan website.


Chicago Cultural Plan 2012

See here to learn about the history of the Chicago Cultural Plan and download older versions.


2018 Oakland Cultural Plan


The Arts and Culture Plan for Berkeley

Learn about the process that led to the creation of the plan here.


City of Boise Cultural Master Plan Fact Sheet

City of Boise Cultural Master Plan


Dallas Cultural Plan 2018

Visit the Dallas Cultural Plan website here.

Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Imagined Cultural Plan