Assistance for Music Venues


Since our very first meeting, we have provided support for small, independent music venues.  While widely celebrated and important cultural spaces—often serving as incubators for new musicians, bands, and style of music—many small venues are often in a precarious position, susceptible to complaints from unfriendly neighbors, complicated city bureaucracy, and growing gentrification.  We assist venue owners with zoning and permitting problems (& navigating other government departments and processes), community engagement, and organizing and building public support.  While we don’t provide direct financial support, we occasionally assist in developing fundraising campaigns.

We also work to develop policy solutions to create more institutional support for live music and small neighborhood venues, including changes in the Master Plan that create a way for historic music venues to reopen and once again host music, a recommendation for a sound proofing grant program, and the creation of additional cultural overlays.

Venues we have assisted include:



St. Roch Tavern

Café Istanbul

The Candlelight Lounge

We are currently hosting a GoFundMe page for the Candlelight, you can donate here.